We have highly trained mechanics on hand to lend advice and assist you with all your mechanical needs. Whether it be a service to prolong the life of your vehicle, pre-purchase inspections, suspension, steering or Warrant of fitness repairs, we’ve got you covered.


Vantage Auto Diagnostics has the very latest, dealer level diagnostic tools for the most popular automotive brands in New Zealand. This means that you can be sure that you are getting the same level of investigation and quality of resolution as you would if you went direct to the dealer, but without the price tag.


Reflash Solutions use Viezu diagnostics and programming to improve how your vehicle uses the data it is receiving from its many sensors and components. Our affordable performance upgrades and emissions solutions are supported by the most experienced team in the automotive industry and the highest level of diagnostic equipment.

Vantage Auto Diagnostics is your first and only choice for Auto Electrical Repair work in Christchurch. If your vehicle is in need of an auto electrician, diagnostic analysis or general mechanical repair, Vantage Auto Diagnostics Christchurch can look after all your needs.

Our extensive selection of dealer-level diagnostic tools, operated by our highly qualified technicians and backed by our Excide Agent status will leave you under no illusion as to why we have a reputation for excellence in both the community and the industry.

At Vantage Auto Diagnostics, our auto electricians are able to provide you with the same level of service that you’d receive from a dealership without the bloated bill at the end.

We’ve invested heavily in dealer-level diagnostic tools that not only listen to your car in their own language, but unlike most other garages, our auto electricians are able to talk back to the vehicles on board computer and manage the programming.  Its this final phase of the diagnosis process that means the difference between best-fit solution and a perfect fit solution.

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Thinkcar ADAS calibration kit

THINKCAR ADAS Calibration Kit is a portable ADAS calibration device developed by THINKCAR. It uses five-wire and cross laser instrument to assist in centering and positioning, which is more accurate. THINKCAR ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistance System) integrates ACC, LDW, AVW, RCW, BSD, NVS system calibrations function.