Vantage Auto Diagnostics Ltd is recognized in the industry for its highly qualified technicians and intelligent scan tools using the latest manufacturer software. We also have a reputation in the community for our competitive prices, customer satisfaction and time efficiency on jobs. As a Bosch Service Centre, you can be sure of the expertise, value for money and customer service you will receive before you even arrive.

Many jobs are taken to Vantage Auto Diagnostics because Vantage is one of the few, often the only place, that has the expertise and equipment to do it right.

Vantage has invested heavily in top of the range scan tools which are constantly being updated to ensure we are in sync with the ever changing automotive technologies.

Vantage Auto Diagnostics Ltd is proudly owned and operated by James Rouse. James started working at Vantage at the young age of 14 before taking his apprenticeship at 16. After a few years working overseas for the Bosch Service Centre he returned to us and finally bought the business in April 2012.

James gained many valuable skills whilst working for the Bosch Service Centre, combined with his international experience, knowledge and talent, he has become highly regarded in the auto electrical world.

With a reputation like Vantage Auto Diagnostics, its not surprising that we do a great deal of work on behalf of dealerships, warranty companies and other local garages.

Our promise to you; we’ll give you the most efficient diagnosis and resolution at the most affordable price possible. As an Exide agent, you can be assured we’ll keep this promise.

Dealer Level Diagnostics

Vantage Auto Diagnostics has dealership level diagnostic tools for many of the top brand cars

Warranty Repairs

We're approved by many of the big names in vehicle warranty so you can be sure we've got you covered

Exide Agent

As an Exide Agent, you can be sure of the quality and reliability of our work