At Vantage Auto Diagnostics Ltd, our auto electricians are able to provide you with the same level of service that you’d receive from a dealership without the bloated bill at the end.

We’ve invested heavily in dealer level diagnostic tools that not only listen to your car in their own language, but unlike most other garages, our auto electricians are able to talk back to the vehicles on board computer and manage the programming.  Its this final phase of the diagnosis process that means the difference between best fit solution and a perfect fit solution.


At Vantage Auto Diagnostics our mechanical repairs are second to none. We have highly trained mechanics on hand to lend advice and assist you with all your mechanical needs. Whether it be a service to prolong the life of your vehicle, pre-purchase inspections, suspension, steering or Warrant of fitness repairs, we’ve got you covered. Noticing a noise that isn’t usually there? A funny smell? Just don’t think it’s running right? It’s not running at all? Let the mechanics down at Vantage Auto Diagnostics sort it out and make you confident with your vehicle again.
You wouldn’t get just anyone to look at a problem with the electrics in your house or the inside of your PC; The modern vehicle is laden with electronics, wiring and computers so you need to be sure it is serviced by qualified Auto Electricians . Vantage Auto Diagnostics is a Bosch Service Centre so you can be sure our auto electricians and equipment are talking the same language as your vehicle.
Your fuel injection system isn’t just used when accelerating, it manages the fuel during your whole drive, even when idling. An inefficient injector means an inefficient car. At Vantage Auto Diagnostics we have all the tools and experience to make sure your car is performing as well as it can.
Whether you like it hot or cold, air conditioning helps to make your journey more comfortable which means you are less distracted and safer on the road. We look after all your AC needs from simple evacuation and recharging to leak finding and overhauls.
Vantage Auto Diagnostics is a fully certified Auto electrical repair centre as well as a mechanical repair centre. This is great news for your alternator which turns mechanical energy into electrical energy, powering all the electronics in your car. With all the power assisted functions of a modern vehicle it is more necessary than ever to ensure your vehicles systems are running perfectly. Vantage Auto Diagnostics have the tools and experience to get the job done.
As one of the most obvious systems to notice a fault with, steering and suspension investigations are a common job for any garage. At Vantage Auto Diagnostics we use the latest, dealer level, diagnostic tools to make sure our investigations and solutions fit your vehicle perfectly.
Vantage Auto Diagnostics has the very latest, dealer level diagnostic tools for the most popular automotive brands in New Zealand. This means that you can be sure that you are getting the same level of investigation and quality of resolution as you would if you went direct to the dealer, but without the price tag.
At Vantage Auto Diagnostics we have highly trained auto electricians and the most up to date tools to carry out repairs on your ABS / SRS no matter which make, model or year your vehicle is.
Your air bag has deployed? Had a car accident and need certification? No problem, here at Vantage Auto Diagnostics we can do your ABS / SRS declarations for a price which will leave you and your wallet smiling
Vantage Auto Diagnostics is an apporved warranty service centre for the following main companies

  • Autosure
  • Drive Right
  • AA Warranty
  • Vero Insurance
  • Lumley Insurance
  • Protecta

Dealer Level Diagnostics

Vantage Auto Diagnostics has dealership level diagnostic tools for many of the top brand cars

Warranty Repairs

We're approved by many of the big names in vehicle warranty so you can be sure we've got you covered

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